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Benford’s Law

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Looking into these tables immediately reveals that the distribution of digits almost accurately adheres to Benford’s law as shown by the graph. Furthermore, this pattern also conforms to mathematical miracle of the Quran (multiply the total no. of suras in each group by its group no., then add the results):
30*1 + 17*2 + 12*3 + 11*4 + 14*5 + 7*6 + 8*7 + 10*8 + 5*9 = 437 =19*23

Glory be to God.

Majeed Motahari

Graphical Comparison Benford's Law Prediction versus Quran's Digital Distribution

Comments on the Internet (from submission.org)

As salam alaikum,

I logged on your site and I gotta say that it is very interesting and revealing. I converted to Islam from Christianity about 8 months ago. I have been looking for a site on the www that gives extensive knowledge on Islam and quranic material and it seems like you guys are it!!! I have to say though that your section on hadith and sunna and its satanic influence is quite ‘radical.’ All the Muslims (God bless them) I hang out with stick to both the sunna and hadiths very closely. I am very confused. My question to you fine people are, do you guys get a lot of slack for it? It seems like a very touchy subject. Anyway God bless…

Sincerely, M.S.N.

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