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Thus in order to attain salvation, we should refrain from any behavior that may jeopardize the rewards from fasting. We should take advantage of this month to purify our souls further through concentrated worship, reading of the Quran more often, giving charity, and doing good deeds.

[The following paragraph was taken from Submitters Perspective article in January 1998 issue, titled RAMADAN: A GIFT OF REMEMBRANCE by sister Kathryn. For the entire article, please refer to www.masjidtucson.org.]

Our lifetime is so brief compared to eternity. We are deprived of nothing during this brief period, including repeated, individualized messages of God alone. Twenty-four hour God-consciousness is our goal. It is that which we strive toward, with steadfastness and patience. We know that “God never burdens any soul beyond its means....” (2:286) and that fasting is not an ordeal but rather a great opportunity to run, not walk, along God’s path. How awesome is God. He takes His creation with all

its limits and uses it to remind individually and constantly that He alone is our Lord and Master. Given our previous behavior, God is merciful beyond our wildest dreams, and provides us with a gift of remembrance that can only lead us closer to Him for all eternity.

The Night of Power (Destiny)

The Night of Power or the Night of Destiny (Layl-al-Qadr) is the night in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. It is the 27th night of Ramadan. God describes this night as better than a thousand months. During that night, the angels and the Spirit descend therein, by God’s leave, to carry out every command (97:1-5).

The Night of Power starts at the sunset of 26th day of Ramadan corresponding to the 27th night. It ends at the dawn of the following morning.

Note: Like every year, there will be gatherings of Submitters in different communities around the world for the Night of Power (Destiny) to commemorate God all night long. Please check with your local community for such a gathering (Ed.)

Ramadan 2004 USA/CANADA

God willing

October 15 - November 12

new moon
full moon

To calculate the Ramadan start date: Compare the time of the New Moon with the sunset at your location. If the new moon is born before sunset, you should fast the next day. Similarly to determine the last day of fasting, compare the time of the next New Moon with the sunset at your location. If the new moon is born before sunset, the month of Ramadan is complete on that day. The Night of Power or Destiny starts at the sunset of November 9, 2004. For further details, see the Ramadan page at www.masjidtucson.org.