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You wonder if you should continue with your current sojourners, find another group, or embark on your own course. Amazed, you exclaim, “What happened to the beautiful path I started out on ... the path I thought I was on ... what happened to the beautiful path!” When other sojourners hear you, they utter, “What is wrong with you? “What other path are you talking about? You’re going in the right direction.” You again ask, “How can I get back to the right path ...the path I was on?” They simply respond, “Something is wrong with you.” Something is wrong with you in their eyes. Even though each one of them started out on the same beautiful path, they can no longer imagine or see it.

The beautiful path is now a vast obstacle course. The current path reflects the state or condition of religion. Religion has been so corrupted that its original face is beyond recognition unless a person is guided to the truth. Over a long period, religion has been disfigured and fashioned into a vast spiritual obstacle course laden with:

  1. Idolatry.
  2. Hundreds of cults (a.k.a., denominations, ‘schools of thought’).
  3. Blasphemous doctrines akin to spiritual ‘trapdoors.’
  4. Legions of professional clergy.
  1. Rules, rites, and rituals never authorized by God.
  2. ‘Norm troopers’ directed to enforce man-made doctrines, and
  3. Groups hosting “select” seekers who exclude others.

Religion is not the opiate of the people, but the distortion of religion is clearly an opiate. Distorted corrupt religion induces spiritual sleep. But, amidst such corruption, confusion, and chaos, there are righteous souls who, by God’s leave, are guided back in all times to the true worship of God. They have nothing to fear nor will they grieve.

Proven Truth:

Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in God, and (2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2:62)

In this imagined journey, the other creatures, plants, and life forms are in harmony with the greater divine scheme. Each life form has its purpose. You are endeavoring to find your purpose. All are in submission to the Creator. The fruit, creek, and fresh air symbolize the blessings derived from worshiping God alone. Changes along the once clear path represent the gradual corruption of religion.

Unfortunately, many people are content with

the corruptions. Hopefully, you still want to remain vigilant in your search for spiritual truth. Your questions about changes on the path are echoed by others who also recognize that something has gone awry with religion. What is considered normal religious practices to others is spiritually harmful and toxic to you. This imaginary journey pauses at a ‘place’ where you say you want to get back on the right path.

Many current doctrines and practices in the three monotheist religions divert you from the right path. Hundreds of other religions and beliefs systems are as distorted as the monotheist religions. One web site estimated that there are more than 4,200 religions, denominations, sects, religious bodies, faith groups, and spiritual movements in the world. But, there is only one original spiritual path - the religion ordained by God for creation (Submission).

[Ed.’s note: The article is based on excerpts taken from the introduction of the book titled “Hislam” by Dr. Douglass Brown. God willing, the book is in the process of being published. We will inform you as soon as it is off the press and available for everyone. As Dr. Brown explains in his book, “Hislam” is an acronym that designates the corruption of the human worship of God. Synonymous with corrupt spirituality, Hislam encompasses all expressions of spiritual falsehood. “Hislam” is not Islam. The “ His” in “Hislam” refers to the introduction, acceptance, and practice of beliefs and behavior never revealed and authorized by God. Someone other than God (i.e., the “his”) owns or is the source of the innovations and false practices.]