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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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My Journey to Submission

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I stopped drinking and took on a lot of what you could call ‘Islamic morals and behavior.’ But something was still wrong; eventually I was tearing my hair out in frustration because I just could not stand the idol-worship of Muhammad. Although (at the time) I appreciated the wisdom of Hadith and Sunna, I couldn’t help feeling that a new trinity was beginning to emerge…

Soon after I put a web search in for Islam and teenagers and found the teens page on Submission.org and was absolutely glued to the screen from then on. I was initially annoyed with a lot of the content and proceeded to argue with it mentally. But of course almost immediately it began to make sense. Over a couple of days I had read the majority of the whole site and breathed a huge sigh of relief. So I was right to question it after

all, just like I was right to question the trinity. Looking back it was almost as if God was saying to me “Now that I have shown you Islam, my religion, and the worst side of it and you were prepared to accept it, let me show what it is really like.”

I ignored all references to the 19 code on the site at first, the idea that hadith were to be discarded was big enough. I was of course amazed when I finally read about the Mathematical Miracle and Rashad Khalifa’s claim to messengership. From the start I accepted it easily. There was just so much sense in it, and I had been craving sense for a long time…

Rashad said he was a messenger; just the fact that he was saying that with such confidence and had met the conditions was enough. I consider it a blessing that not coming from a Muslim background I had not developed an attachment to Muhammad and his persona, so I was quite happy to forget about him and

his opinions. I had never even thought about whether he was the last messenger or not. I ordered Rashad’s translation from Amazon and it soon became one of my most treasured possessions. Reading it constantly I heard from God over and over again “do not harbor any doubts.” I wondered what I was waiting for and starting praying soon after. I didn’t tell anyone or make an announcement; I didn’t say the shahadah in anyway. I just started praying one day. It took a couple of days before I learnt the movements and months before I could say Sura 1 in Arabic only because there was nowhere I could hear it from. I was in a dream world. Nothing had ever felt as good as those few days. I was at peace with the world. And I have been ever since. Now I know what I am here for and the soul-searching is over. Submission is my life.

All praise and thanks is due to Almighty God. May the kingdom, the power and the glory be His, now and forever, amen.