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Submitters Perspective

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God Willing

Annual Conference United Submitters

August 4-6, 2006
Tucson, Arizona

The conference registration form and the hotel information were mailed out with May newsletter for the majority of the readers. If the registration form was missing, or you need additional forms, you can get it on line. God will-ing we have set up a web page on the internet to circulate the conference information at


Remember that this is a great opportunity to be with Submitters from all around the world.

God willing, please do not wait till the last minute to make travel arrangements, and start making your plans to meet the family of submitters. Send in your registration forms as soon as possible, even if you are planning to pay the registration fee at the door. If we do not have enough people signed up by July 12 deadline given by the hotel, we will have to cancel part of the meeting room.

Note: The conference starts at 10am with registration on Friday Aug 4, ends at noon Sunday Aug 6. God willing we are looking forward to see you all there, and to have a wonderful and rewarding conference.



Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace

Douglass Brown, Ph.D.
ISBN 0971481350
$15.95 includes shipping (Save: buy two copies for $25)

Now available! Hot off the press! God willing you can order your personal copy directly from ICS/Masjid Tucson at www.masjidtucson.org/publications/catalog/index.html. You can pay by check or credit card. Hislam order is also possible through amazon.com. We encourage you to post your reviews of the book. Note that, God willing, Hislam will be available to the conference participants at a special discounted rate.

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