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Submitters Perspective

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Our Lord is God, One and the Same

A Personal Sharing

It’s hard to put in words the experiences that took me on a roller coaster ride in the past year. It was without a doubt the most unusual year of my life.

God has taught me much about myself. I’m learning more and more to appreciate all the wonders of life and creation. Sadly we live in a time when very few people will acknowledge the handiwork of God in all things good. A lady asked me the other day, “How did you do that?” I replied, “prayer and inspiration.”

I always tell people that the source of all knowledge comes from God who lives within our hearts. Every time I do anything creative I realize that it’s God working through me. One day while praying I blurted out, “God, I’m proud of you!” For the first time in my life I said that I was proud of God! Sometimes people do not like me giving credit to God for everything, but I have to be honest in my answers and I honestly cannot give myself credit for anything whatsoever, because I realize that God within me is doing everything.

This realization is ever so with me, especially since 4/25/2003 the night I made first contact with Salat Prayer. I’ve walked away for many months from the signs of the Psalms in leading to the realization that Salat Prayer is of God. But during this time I’ve allowed myself to come down from the plateau of the emotional roller coaster ride. In so doing it has allowed me to realize even more than ever that the

Psalms do indeed point to the beautiful prayer of Salat.

It gives me great peace when I show God how much I appreciate the many gifts that he has bestowed upon me. If I glory I have to glory in my Lord and my God in all things.

I’ve learned to appreciate more and more the beauties of God’s eternal love that knows no bounds. I appreciate the various self-evident patterns that I have found in the Torah, the Psalms, the Gospel and the Quran. Truly God is the author of all things good. Truly God is the author of the various self-evident patterns that tells us to worship God ALONE.

I realize there is only one Quran. I realize there is only one Psalms. I realize there is only one Torah. I realize there is only one Gospel. Sadly men have made thousands and thousands of various religions that confuses the hearts and minds of men.

It’s with great difficulty that I arrived to the realization that there is only ONE Lord and God of heaven and earth. I thank God for giving me the grace to make a bold and daring step when I was forty years old to leave behind that which I was glued to for sixteen years. That I was glued to the Mormon Church for all those years and then to break away came as a total shock to all my friends.

That’s why I now do not have many friends in my life. They have all pretty much labeled me as a devil in denying that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. They accuse me of sinning against the priesthood that the men of the Mormon Church claims to possess. They tell me that the only way to eternal exaltation is to follow the Priesthood. They tell me that Joseph Smith holds the keys to heaven and that I

must go through Joseph Smith to obtain exaltation.

I just realized that I was exactly forty years old when I made that bold step by God’s grace. It was by God’s grace and inspiration that I started to follow the trail that lead me to first contact on 4/25/2003. It’s with great joy and thrill that I can say that Psalms 119 section 4 and the first verse in that section which is verse number 25 reads, “I lie PROSTRATE in the dust, give me life in accord with your word.” Indeed that Section is called Daleth in Hebrew which means the Door or Gateway. Indeed the Salat Prayer is a type of “Door” or “Gateway” to make contact with the Lord of the Universe.

Over the last year I’ve learned to lay aside much of my emotions and learned to allow the truth to flow like water from my heart, mind and soul. I desire peace and happiness. Yes there will be times of joyful tears and sorrowful tears, but peace and happiness is truly from God ALONE.

I thank God for my wonderful wife and children. When I submit to God and leave the entire burden to Him there is more peace and happiness in our home. I realize more than ever that doing things amicably is a gift from God that must be cherished and nourished.

I realize more than ever that indeed we have a constant companion who desires that we do not worship God ALONE. I hope to convince with a certainty both beings that God ALONE must be appreciated and worshipped.

Allahu Akbar (God is Great)

Brother Rodney