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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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…Most of my life I have been an ignorant idol worshipper, ranking hearsay and collections of books that were written 200 years after the Prophet had died with the word of God.

The undenying truth was revealed to me through the messenger of the covenant, Rashad Khalifa, and from being a Sunni and raised as Sunni, I became a submitter. Which has special meaning, it means that when I stand in prayer throughout the day and recite Al-Fatiha, I am in essence submitting, I pray my Lord, the one God, not to leave me heedless in my prayers, that I take it to my heart and soul, and to see the truth of the words and remember the Creator through these harmonious and mystical and numerically structured words.

Rashad Khalifa discovered the mathematical code in the scripture, and like the refiners fire, left many and numerous occurrences of the number 19, throughout the Book, which suggests the validity of the Quranic verse that God has counted the number of all things…

Kashif H

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Hello Masjid Tucson,

I have been savoring your website with best scrutiny and love the way it has compiled all the wonderful things that Allah (God) has preserved for us. However, I am an American that IS totally ignorant of the Arabic language and deeply feel obligated to learn to recite the 5 daily prayers in Arabic; but I cannot.

Is there somewhere that I can learn to pronounce these words proper without tarnishing the prayers; is it okay to recite them in English as so I do not leave out my appointed prayers, until I learn the proper? 

It is because I will continue to pray to Allah, although I cannot speak/pronounce Arabic; not being able to speak Arabic would not constitute as an excuse to not pray, so I recite them the best way I can in English.

Thank you in advance,

Jason S

Ed.’s notes: God willing, the Contact Prayer video should be helpful, so please check the web page


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