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Submitters Perspective

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Comments from Incarcerated Brothers

Dear United Submitters International:

As salaam Alaikum my dearly beloved brothers and sisters in faith…

In light of all that is going on with our fellow brothers and sisters in faith, we as a community, must turn to the gift which has been bestowed upon us. Islam has been neglected for many years now, and it is evident by all that is going on around the world.

Quoting from the book ‘Quran, Hadith and Islam,’ written by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. whom I am convinced is the Messenger of the Covenant, “The ‘Muslim’ countries are the poorest, most miserable, least developed and most tyrannized countries on earth.”

Possessing limited knowledge concerning the matter, I must agree with that in which has been quoted. Hearing the testimony(ies) of our brothers and sisters in faith, who have gone through the hardship first hand tells me that truth resides in the stated quote… we’ve lost sight of our created purpose. In (51:56) GOD states, “I did not create the jiins and the human except to worship Me alone.” We often find ourselves to be derelicts in our duty.

(6:161-162) “Say, My Lord has guided me in a straight path—the perfect religion of Abraham, monotheism. He never was an idol worshipper. “Say, My Contact Prayers (Salat), my worship practices, my life and my death are all devoted absolutely to GOD alone, the Lord of the universe.”

Constantly repeating the above verses will lead to one being reminded of his or her created purpose. Everything that is done within our daily lives that is righteous as stated in chapter 6 verse 162 “My worship practices, my life and my death are all devoted absolutely to GOD alone.” This will prevent what is being witnessed around the world.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters in faith, I end this letter here, with the hopes that it benefits, as I have been benefited.

As Salaam Alaikum


* * * * *

Salamun ‘Alaikum,

I humbly greet you and ask for a few brief minutes of your time…

I wish to begin this letter with an honest show of my gratitude, but due to the current circumstances, we must settle for a simple, “Thank You!” You not only processed and sent my order quickly, but when this facility made an issue of having no proof of purchase… You responded quickly, and I truly commend you for your services.

I want to be as brief as I possibly can, so please bear with my attempt to communicate a little bit about myself, and what direction I am heading in.

First off, I am thirty one years old and I have a story all of us are far too familiar with. Wither a family member, or someone we know has a child or loved one with my story. I lead (as in the past-tense) a life of gangs, drugs, and violence… I found myself slammed down in complete isolation for a few years of my life… I had an epiphany within that time, and I began to truly search for my own identity… As I had taken on the roles I was cast in throughout my young life… never ever developing my own individuality ... Through my discoveries of myself my search for the “Truth” began.

I’ve researched and studied most religions, forms of philosophy, mythology, and new age spiritual cults that you can think of, and some most probably never even heard of. It was through my research on Catholicism that I began to learn some staggering facts about today’s Christianity, and the so called “Traditions” of the church.

Allah blessed me, by guiding me to Islam by means of the Quran. I had a Yusuf Ali translation sent into me while still in what this state deems Administrative Segregation… The Quran consumed my days and Allah answered all my prayers… Most importantly my questions… I’ve always believed in the “Creator” but I grew up being confused by this “Trinity,” and praying to some man hanging on a cross.

Due to my isolation… my idea of Islam was what the Quran spoke of…what was revealed within those sacred pages. Then I was released back to general population where I was bombarded with questions like, “Are you Sunni or Shi’a?” I was given Hadith books, and was essentially beginning to be indoctrinated into all these traditions… I found myself reaching a point where Islam wasn’t as beautiful

as I had remembered, when I was consumed with the Quran.

So I stepped away from the majority, and I got back into that pure book which is perfect and complete. Then I began to notice and understand why the Quran spoke of those who had gone astray, e.g., Jews and Christians… Allah knew that the Muslims would follow the same path… As history seems to repeat itself, “The majority of Muslims.” I must say! So these things were being made clear to me amongst many other things, and Islam began to blossom in my heart… and resonate throughout my life. I began to discuss these things with others… for around 5 weeks now I have been teaching this small community after our Jumu’ah prayers… I’ve been just bringing them back to the Quran, and asked them all to agree on letting everything else go… “Everything we’ve learned about Islam from a book other than the Quran… we must let it all go…”

Now last week I received my Quran the Final Testament by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D., and it’s been a real blessing to read… I came to the part on the covenant of the messenger, and I must admit… I stumbled momentarily, but I realize it stemmed from my past indoctrination. I can honestly say I do believe in my heart, and with my mind that Dr. Rashad Khalifa is the fulfillment of the covenant. To weigh the evidence and say otherwise would be nothing but ignorance.
Now this community here has listened to me communicate Islam, and Allah has begun to remove the veils from our vision… More Qurans are soon to be purchased, just as I have already ordered a few more publications through you.

Now here are the questions which are already on the minds of some … are there Masjids here in Colorado who follow true Islam? I believe not… I know in my heart this is going to spread and the pure teachings of Islam are gonna start being taught… I’m looking into beginning a website to keep “submitters” in contact for support outside of incarceration… I long to bring more to the truth, and the success rate is already surprising. Now, I know most of your information is for on-line study…I ask what we can do … to further provide our assistance in maybe beginning to form a “community” in Colorado… in organizing individuals and spreading the truth, through educating ourselves?

Sorry for the length of my writing, and I appreciate all your time