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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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Comments from a Russian Submitter

Peace be upon you,

I look forward to getting the published Quran. I copied the electronic copy of the Quran translated into English by Dr. Rashad Khalifa…

I was fortunate to accept Islam when God showed me His way years ago. However, hijab (head cover) always was my problem. I have a Russian version of the Quran that was translated in 19th century. And it says in it that "cover your bosom." Therefore, I didn't cover my head even though I was told that this is a must.

Finally, I asked God to tell me the truth: should I or should I not to wear a hijab.

And in a couple of days I opened your website. And I know that God gave me the answer. Besides that, I was questioning many [traditional] Muslim practices because they were not in the Quran. I read the Quran in Russian for many times since I accepted Islam. Now I know that I am on a right path to God. Thank you so much for your service.

God Bless you, 



[Ed.’s note: God willing sister Mila is going to translate the Quran into Russian. May God bless her; give her time, energy and guidance to complete this noble project. Praise God, she agreed to provide us copies of her work to put on our web site as she makes progress.


Weekly Reminders by Email

Praise God, the weekly email reminders have been popular and our list is growing. The weekly reminder email is short and usually consists of the topic of the week, some related verses from the Quran and the links to get the details. The reminder is sent every Thursday, God willing.
Please help us to help you and other submitters by joining the list and by being proactive, God willing. Email us with a short note at

Comments from a Submitter re:Conference

Dear fellow submitters,

My partner and I would very much like to attend the 27th Annual Submitters Conference. We live in East Sussex in England and would very much like an opportunity to meet with other submitters who worship God alone.

I feel incredibly blessed to have become a submitter in May 2011 after reading Rashad Khalifa's translation of the Quran. He has been a submitter for approximately 10 years.

Please can you inform us of how we can apply to be part of this wonderful event.

Inshallah (God willing) we will hear from you soon.


God Willing


Annual Conference
United Submitters

July 13-15, 2012

Los Angeles, California

Anaheim, CA

God willing start making plans for
attending the Annual Conference of the Submitters.

The hotel is right next to Disneyland in Anaheim. God willing if you are planning to go to Disneyland, you can purchase discount tickets upon arrival at the hotel. But tickets and prices are subject to availability.

The web page on the internet to
circulate the conference information is
God willing, the registration forms and hotel information are being posted there with password access. 

The password can be obtained by emailing us at
Act now and register early so that we can organize it better, God willing.