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Submitters Perspective

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Towards Universal Unity

Many people will say that they believe in the existence of a supernatural force or a god. If we take two such people and ask them to describe or define the god of their belief, we may get two different answers. If we direct the same question to a third person who also says he believes in God, we may get yet another description of God. Furthermore, when these people realize they have different gods, they may not feel comfortable with each other. What causes people to think that their god is not one and the same? If our god is the same god who created all of us and everything around us, why can’t people accept Him as the same for all of us?

Our Creator is the Same

God has always been the same God, the same Creator since the beginning. It is people who make a god for themselves in place of the one true God, due to conjecture and wishful thinking, to justify their way of life.

One of the major reasons why people do not take time to seek the truth about God is that they either have doubts or wrong ideas about life after death and their accountability. This is even though most will say that they believe in the Hereafter.

This Life is Temporary.

           Next Life is Eternal

God teaches us in the Quran that this first life is a temporary illusion. What is important is the Hereafter, which is the eternal abode (40:39). Can you imagine living in a place for eternity, especially if this is a place that you would not want to live in for a second? Do we ever think we might end up in Hell?

The majority of people do not want to even think about the

possibility that they could be in Hell forever. Some even joke around by saying that they prefer Hell because the most entertaining people will be there. That may very well be true, but in what conditions? There is not a single scripture that mentions Hell in desirable terms. It is not a place anyone would like to stay for eternity. Yet, some people do not seem to be worried at all about what Hell is going to be like. They think of the Hereafter as being so far away in time that, even if it turns out to be true, they are surely clever enough to figure out how to avoid Hell then (18:36).

Actions Better Than Words

When people say they believe in the Hereafter, do they really mean it or is it just lip service? A person who really believes in the Hereafter and worries about the consequences of his actions will not disregard God’s message. He (or she) will always seek the truth and the path to God. He will research and make sure that the religious beliefs he has been brought up with are divine, and not man-made. After all, it will be his own neck on the line.

Unfortunately, many people who do research carefully before getting their houses, jobs, cars, and so on, are not very inquisitive about the correctness of the religious beliefs they are brought up with. When it comes to religion, people’s common sense and intellect seem to operate in a completely different level. “Faith” is a common answer to avoid questions and to justify, “I’m happy with what I’m doing, don’t rock that boat”. Therefore, most people turn away from the true message when it comes to them without studying it, even though this message is essential to their success in the eternal life. These are the people who prefer this life at the expense of the Hereafter (2:86).

Thus, they trade away the covenant they made with God, and their obligations, for a cheap price. Consequently, they receive no share in the Hereafter (3:77).

Time For Universal Unity

It is time for the people of all religions who really believe in the Hereafter to leave their worldly differences and come together under the One God, the same God of us all, the Creator. As He has promised, we can enjoy this life without losing our share in the Hereafter. Therefore, let us value God, as he should be valued, and devote ourselves totally to Him alone. After all, we will be all returned to Him—for certain.

Only those who repent, reform, hold fast to God, and devote their religion absolutely to God alone, will be counted with the believers. God will bless the believers with a great recompense. [4:146]

Say, “I have been commanded to worship God, devoting the religion absolutely to Him alone.

“And I was commanded to be the utmost submitter.”

Say, “I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the retribution of a great day.”

Say, “God is the only One I worship, devoting my religion absolutely to Him alone. [39:11-14]

Abdullah Arik

(Reprinted from:
Submitters Perspective, July 1993)
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Unity of All Submitters
[2:62] Surely, those who believe, those who are Jewish, the Christians, and the converts; anyone who (1) believes in GOD, and
(2) believes in the Last Day, and (3) leads a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord. They have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.