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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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Striving to please God

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You shall rejoice in making such an exchange. This is the greatest triumph. They are the repenters, the worshipers, the praisers, the meditators, the bowing and prostrating, the advocators of righteousness and forbidders of evil, and the keepers of GOD's laws. Give good news to such believers.

In summary, God tells us we should strive. It's a recommendation because it's good for us. We may still make it if we don't. But it's a commandment because God knows it's best for us. It's the logical thing to do for our own good (29:6).

[29:6] Those who strive, strive for their own good. GOD is in no need for anyone.

[9:44] Those who truly believe in GOD and the Last Day do not ask your permission to evade the opportunity to strive with their money and their lives. GOD is fully aware of the righteous.

[2:207] Then there are those who dedicate their lives to serving GOD; GOD is compassionate towards such worshipers.

Faiz & Lydia


You shall remember Me, that I may remember you, and be thankful to Me; do not be unappreciative. [2:152]

When I awaken and my body aches, I am grateful for another day to worship God.
When my oven stopped working just before a big holiday, I was grateful that He gave me food to eat.
When my car broke down and I didn’t have money to get it repaired, I was still grateful that I didn’t have any place to go.
When my computer broke down and I had no way to get it repaired, I was grateful for library access.
When times get rough and I want to cry, I am grateful because I can pray.
When people call and brag and boast, I am grateful for everything I do have and that’s a fact.
When money is late and bills are overdue, I am so glad I can call and explain the situation, knowing God will provide.
I am grateful for my home, family, food, transportation and most of all that I have God in my life.
My Lord strengthens my heart and inspires me to be appreciative. I am grateful. Thank God.


Letter to Food Pantry

This is a beautiful letter from someone who benefits from our food pantry each week (all thanks due to God; 2:272, 76:9, 94:7-8). With all he’s going through, he took the time to reach out to support us in these times of disquiet in the world regarding “Islam”. We never know how we will touch other lives, and how those lives will touch us. Praise God.

There are people who make your day…and there are people who make your life. You all seem so often to do both. I want to let you all know you’re in our prayers. I imagine you may be overwhelmed because you’ve all been dealing with so much lately, and maybe you’re wondering how things are ever going to work out. And I just want to remind you that although life brings many changes, God’s love for us remains constant. He’s always there guiding us through decisions and helping us do the hard things; always restoring in us a sense of hope and peace, no matter what we’re facing. And the most beautiful thing about God is that the more we need Him, the closer He is. That’s how I know He is especially close to you now. Thank you!