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information in the Quran 1400+ years ago, in the so-called dark ages.

The Quran also gives us clear UNDERSTANDING of concepts and sheds light on why some things are the way they are. While worldwide, communities are still searching for answers, submitters have clear understanding of them, for example:

Meaning of Islam: The true understanding of the meaning of ‘Islam’ (Submission) is the worship of God ALONE, submission to His will, obedience of His laws and instructions, to the exclusion of all others; be they religious leaders, heads of state, family or others. [4:125] Who is better guided in his religion than one who submits totally to GOD, leads a righteous life, according to the creed of Abraham: monotheism? GOD has chosen Abraham as a beloved friend.

Satan influences Abraham: We now understand from Quran that God did not tell Abraham to sacrifice his son, it was the devil’s idea. This recognition is a gift to those who believe in God alone. [37:102] When he grew enough to work with him, he said, “My son, I see in a dream that I am sacrificing you. What do you think?” He said, “O my father, do what you are commanded to do. You will find me, GOD willing, patient.” {Footnote: The Most Merciful never advocates evil (7:28). As with Job, Satan claimed that Abraham loved his son too much, and was permitted to put Abraham to that severe test.}

Age of maturity: The age of maturity across different communities varies, with many countries setting it between 18 to 21 years. However, God informs us that the true “age of decision” is 40 years, an understanding based on information from the Quran. God in His infinite mercy gives us a lot of time to get our act together on this earth, and it is up to us how we use it.

[46:15] We enjoined the human being to honor his parents. His mother bore him arduously, gave birth to him arduously, and took intimate care of him for thirty months. When he reaches maturity, and reaches the age of forty, he should say, “My Lord, direct me to appreciate the blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and to do the righteous works that please You …”

Death of Jesus:  Today, we understand that Jesus’s soul (the real person) was taken away from the body before the body was tortured and crucified. [3:54] They plotted and schemed, but so did GOD, and GOD is the best schemer. {Footnote: We learn that Jesus’ soul, the real person, was raised, i.e., Jesus’ life on earth was terminated, prior to the arrest, torture, and crucifixion of his empty, soulless, but physiologically living body (See the details in Appendix 22).}

Regarding divorced women: Another example is God’s law concerning treatment of divorced women, and the waiting period of three menstruations thereafter—a demonstration of God’s wisdom. Should the woman be pregnant at the time of divorce, it is important for the father to know about it, as it then makes the father responsible for the unborn child. Additionally, it may lead to reconciliation, considering the pregnancy [2:231] If you divorce the women, once they fulfill their interim (three menstruations), you shall allow them to live in the same home amicably, or let them leave amicably. Do not force them to stay against their will, as a revenge....

Messenger of the Covenant: Having a messenger who is able to clarify and confirm God’s laws is a great blessing. [3:164] GOD has blessed the believers by raising in their midst a messenger from among them, to recite for them His revelations, and to purify them, and to teach them the scripture and wisdom. Before this, they had gone totally astray. Rejecting God’s Messenger of the Covenant serves to expose those who doubt God’s wisdom, despite the awesome mathematical proof. While many people readily accept the proof, they reject the messenger, based on personal biases or based on the opinion of their religious leaders. This, despite several verses in the Quran warning us about the consequences of rejecting God’s messenger.

[6:124] When a powerful proof comes to them, they say, “We will not believe, unless we are given what is given to GOD’s messengers!” GOD knows exactly who is best qualified to deliver His message. Such criminals will suffer debasement at GOD, and terrible retribution as a consequence of their evil scheming. {Footnote: Jealousy and ego are human traits that provoke some people to question God’s wisdom in selecting His messengers. Corrupted Muslim scholars have uttered this same utterance regarding the revelation of the Quran’s mathematical code through God’s Messenger of the Covenant.}

This information and wisdom from the Quran clarifies numerous concepts and phenomena and helps us to appreciate diverse events; understanding that we would otherwise not have. The WISDOM characteristic of the Quran is distinctive with no parallel whatsoever.  [3:58] These are the revelations that we recite to you, providing a message full of wisdom.  [36:1-2] Y. S.  And the Quran that is full of wisdom. [44:4] In it (the scripture), every matter of wisdom is clarified. Unlike other books, the Quran is practical, easy to understand, and easy to follow. [54:17] We made the Quran easy to learn. Does any of you wish to learn?

This is the kind of knowledge and wisdom the Quran is brimming with. It is a book that does not bore the reader no matter how many times it is read. On the contrary, every time one reads the Quran, it only helps to build knowledge, enhance understanding and sharpen the intellect. While the Quran is looked upon as a source of religious information, it is also the best guide to higher living. Its laws are steeped in logic and relevance. It encourages morality without enforcing compulsion and makes people look inward rather than outward, bringing about a sense of responsibility and self-policing. The Quran is a healing for both body and soul, with knowledge and wisdom to last a lifetime.


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[50:1] Q., and the glorious Quran.