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Submitters Perspective

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Trust In GOD

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not all, human societies, people are surrounded by others who are eager to reward altruistic acts and to punish selfish ones.

In considering trust, one may approach it analytically, consciously considering the payoffs associated with various choices. Or it may be an automatic emotional response to a situation, a gut reaction to the choices in front of you.

Trust helps build and maintain harmonious and beneficial social relationships. Trust is an essential behavior for humanity to survive.

That’s the scientific approach. Let’s look at what God say about trust. In 2:283, God says a trusted person can hold onto someone’s property as a bond and return it upon repayment. This is expectation trust. In 3:75, God makes it clear being trustworthy and honest is for everyone not just trusting other Submitters (Muslims). This is emotional trust.

Essentially we have to trust God. It is mentioned over and over again that the believers trust in God (e.g. 3:159, 5:23, 8:61, 10:85, 33:3).

Other examples of trust:

• Taking care of property: [4:5] Do not give immature orphans the properties that GOD has entrusted with you as guardians. You shall provide for them therefrom, and clothe them, and treat them kindly.

• Returning anything you borrowed: [4:58] GOD commands you to give back anything the people have entrusted to you. If you judge among the people, you shall judge equitably. The best enlightenment indeed is what GOD recommends for you. GOD is Hearer, Seer.

• Not betraying a trust: [8:27] O you who believe, do not betray GOD and the messenger, and do not betray those who trust you, now that you know.

• Keeping your word: [70:32] And the believers keep their word; they are trustworthy.

• Honoring agreements [23:8] When it comes to deposits entrusted to them,

as well as any agreements they make, they are trustworthy.

• Not harboring doubt: [8:49] The hypocrites and those who harbored doubt in their hearts said, “These people are deceived by their religion.” However, if one puts his trust in GOD, then GOD is Almighty, Most Wise.

• Being steadfast: [16:42] This is because they steadfastly persevere, and in their Lord they trust.

• Knowing that God is in control: [11:56] “I have put my trust in GOD, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a creature that He does not control. My Lord is on the right path.

• Trusting that God will protect us from Satan: [16:99] He has no power over those who believe and trust in their Lord.

• The logical consequence of belief in God. [10:84] Moses said, “O my people, if you have really believed in GOD, then put your trust in Him, if you are really submitters.”

[25:58] You shall put your trust in the One who is Alive―the One who never dies―and praise Him and glorify Him. He is fully Cognizant of His creatures’ sins.

[27:79] Therefore, put your trust in GOD; you are following the manifest truth.

[33:3] And put your trust in GOD. GOD suffices as an advocate.


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[3:159] ... Once you make a decision, carry out your plan, and trust in GOD. GOD loves those who trust in Him.

[5:23] Two men who were reverent and blessed by GOD said, “Just enter the gate. If you just enter it, you will surely prevail. You must trust in GOD, if you are believers.”

[14:12] “Why should we not trust in GOD, when He has guided us in our paths? We will steadfastly persevere in the face of your persecution. In GOD all the trusters shall trust.”

Commemorate God

According to the Oxford dictionary; the word commemorate is to: “keep in memory by a celebration or memorial.” The Merriam Webster’s dictionary suggests: “to exist or be done in order to remind people (of an important event or person from the past); to do something special in order to remember and honor (an important event or person from the past);  to call to remembrance; to mark by some ceremony or observation; to serve as a memorial of something.”

Some synonyms of the word commemorate: to monumentalize , pay tribute to, pay homage to, honor, salute, toast, remember, recognize, acknowledge, memorialize, immortalize, keep alive the memory of, celebrate, observe,  enshrine, exalt, glorify, bless, consecrate, sanctify, solemnize.

When God asks us to commemorate Him, one of the things He wants us to recall (not literally but in accordance with what the Quran says) is the mistake we made in our past lives when we were at God by presuming that Satan too can rule a kingdom. And to remember that God, who possesses all power, had immense mercy on us and pardoned our blasphemous decision, and He has given us this final chance to redeem our souls and be accepted back into God’s kingdom. Is this not enough reason to commemorate God?

The Latin past participle of commemoratus is commemorare which means ‘to remind of’. And from memor we derive the English word ‘mindful’ or ‘aware.’ And God tells us in [7:205] You shall remember your Lord within yourself, publicly, privately, and quietly, day and night; do not be unaware.  “Do not be unaware” which clearly means that He wants us to be among the commemorators.

[76:25] And commemorate the name of your Lord day and night.

We know what the purpose of this life is. And that our first and foremost priority is to worship God alone (51:56). We must seek to please God, and live righteously.

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