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Some people objected to the addition of the gematrical value of Abraham, Muhammad, and Rashad, to the exclusion of Moses and Jesus. These objectors should know better. Moses, Jesus, David, Zachariah, etc. belong to other Millats (creeds). 5:48 clearly states that God has decreed different Millats for the Muslims, the Jews, and the Christians. Abraham is named in 22:78 as “father of the Muslims,” and Islam is described as “Millat Ibrahim” (2:130, 135; 3:95; 4:125; 6:161; & 16:123).

However, the Qur’an does refer to Abraham, Ismail, and Isaac, altogether, as the original prophets of Islam (see 2:133). Incredibly, when we include the gematrical values of Ismail and Isaac, the total still is multiple of 19. The values of all five names are as follows:

TOTAL=1235 = 19x65

Thus, just like the great Miracle of the Qur’an; the harder the disbelievers try to discredit it, the stronger God makes it.

To make matters worse for the disbelievers, the total gematrical value of Moses and Jesus is a multiple of 19 (116 + 150 = 266 = 19x14), the total gematrical value of Ismail and Isaac is a multiple of 19 (211 + 169 = 380 = 19x20), and the gematrical values of Abraham, Muhammad, and Rashad is a multiple of 19 (258+92+505 = 855 = 19x45).


Additionally, here is direct 19-based evidence that I am the messenger proclaimed in 3:81, and commissioned by Almighty Allah as a confirmer of all the prophets and the scriptures they delivered.


When we look at the statement, within 3:81, that says:

“A messenger shall come to you confirming what you have,”

we find that the total gematrical value of this statement is 836, or 19x44. Shown below is the computer printout of this mathematical fact. Obviously this messenger would have to come after Muhammad to confirm the Qur’an, expose any tampering with it, and verify the correct implimentation of its teachings.

The fact that we are the generation of the Qur’an’s 19-based miracle is our sure indicator that this statement is connected specifically with us.

Certainly, the perennial objectors will object, and, as usual, God obliterates their feeble arguments (see 25:33). Let us look at the whole verse (3:81), not just a specific statement in it. Here are the letters that make up the whole verse and their gematrical values:

(W=6, A=1, Dh=700); (A=1, Kh=600, Dh=700); (A=1, L=30, L=30, H=5); (M=40, Y=10, Th=500, Q=100); (A=1, L=30, N=50, B=2, Y=10, N=50); (L=30, M=40, A=1); (A=1, A=1, T=400, Y=10, T=400, K=20, M=40); (M=40, N=50); (K=20, T=400, B=2); (W=6, H=8, K=20, M=40, H=5); (Th=500, M=40); (J=3, A=1, A=1, K=20, M=40); (R=200, S=60, W=6, L=30); (M=40, S=90, D=4,  Q=100); (L=30, M=40, A=1); (M=40, ‘A=70, K=20, M=40); (L=30, T=400, W=6, M=40, N=50, N=50); (B=2, H=5); (W=6, L=30, T=400, N=50, S=90, R=200, N=50, H=5); (Q=100, A=1, L=30); (A=1, A=1, Q=100, R=200, R=200, T=400, M=40); (W=6, A=1, Kh=600,  Dh=700,  T=400,  M=40);  (‘A=70,   L=30,   Y=10); (Dh=700,  L=30,  K=20,  M=40);  (A=1,  S=90,  R=200, Y=10);   (Q=100,   A=1,   L=30,  W=6  A=1); (A=1, Q=100,  R=200,  R=200,  N=50,  A=1); (Q=100,  A=1, L=30);  (F=80,  A=1,  Sh=300, H=5,  D=4,  W=6,  A=1); (W=6,  A=1,  N=50,  A=1);  (M=40,  ‘A=70,  K=20, M=40);  (M=40,  N=50);  (A=1,  L=30,  Sh=300, H=5, D=4,  Y=10,  N=50).  The total gematrical value of the whole verse is 13148 (19x692).


These miraculously intertwined mathematical facts inform us in no uncertain terms that God is sending a messenger to the code-19 generation, and that this messenger will confirm all the prophets, and correct all the distortions inflicted upon the messages they delivered.

In view of these powerful Qur’anic proofs, I cannot afford to waver in announcing that I am the messenger proclaimed by almighty Allah at the universal pre-creation conference described in 3:81. Such an announcement, after all, is God’s will.

You and I, and every single human being have pledged to believe in, and fully cooperate with this messenger. Those who fail to believe are confirmed as rejectors of the Qur’an.

Finally, let me ask those who compare me with Ghulam Ahmed of the Qadianis and Bahaullah of the Bahais:

Did either of those men produce such proofs? Did they advocate the worship of God ALONE and the abolition of all forms of idolatry?

In view of the irrefutable evidence supporting my commission as God’s messenger, let us stop arguing about my credentials, and let us sit together and see what our Almighty Creator wills to teach us. Hundreds of believer have already corrected their Islam. They enjoy devoting their worship to God ALONE, and they know that their works are acceptable to their Creator.

What I presented here are only the physical, irrefutable, facts. God has shown me literally hundreds of profound signs that led me to announce my messengership. The most prominent among these signs was a vision, while I was awake, in Mecca, where I was introduced to all the prophets and told that I am to confirm them and correct their scriptures by God’s leave:

“The disbelievers would say, “You are not a messenger.” Say, “God suffices as witness between me and you; also those who possess knowledge of the scripture. [13:43]