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April 7: The First Day of Ramadan
May 5: The Last Day of Fasting

Congratulations. Fasting is decreed during Ramadan from dawn (2 hours before sunrise) until sunset.

New Revelation

How Many Years From Revelation of the Quran


Revelation of the Quran’s Miracle

I started to work on the mathematical composition of the Quran in 1968. I put the Quran into the computer in 1969 and 1970. The first results were published in Ramadan 1393 (October 1973) in my book entitled MIRACLE OF THE QURAN: SIGNIFICANCE OF THE MYSTERIOUS ALPHABETS, Islamic Productions, St. Louis, Missouri. Although the number 19 was everywhere throughout the data and the computer printouts, it was not the will of Almighty God to reveal it at that time. Thus, the book reported only that the Quranic Initials occurred in their chapters at the highest proportion, compared to other alphabets. In other words, Sura “Q” (Qaaf) (No. 50) contained the highest proportion of the letter “Q” (Qaaf). Sura “S” (Saad) (No. 38) contained the highest proportion of the letter “S” (Saad).

This phenomenon was found to be true with all initialed sura, except for Sura Ya Seen (No.36); it

was exactly the opposite-it contained the smallest proportion of the letters “Y” (Yaa) and “S” (Seen). I thought that was the whole significance of the Quranic Initials.

Further examination of the data led to the great discovery that the Quranic Initials, without a single exception, occur in their chapters in multiples of 19. The number 19 became a reality as the Quran's secret code in January 1974. An avalanche of miraculous phenomena followed.

It was God’s will to unveil this great miracle in January 1974 AD, Zul-Hijjah 1393 AH.

1393 is the Hijra date. The Quran was revealed 13 years before Hijra. Thus, the Quran’s miracle was revealed 1393+13=1406 years after revelation of the Quran.

1406 = 19x74. The AD year was 1974. and Sura 74 is where 19 is reported.

Very simple facts became so obvious that it was clearly a divine plan to keep them hidden for 1400 years. Examples of these very simple facts are:

(1)   (Basmalah) (1:1) consists of 19 Arabic letters.
(2)   The Quran consists of 114 suras, 19x6.
(3)   Every word in Basmalah occurs in the Quran in multiples of 19.
(4)   The first revelation (96:1-5) consisted of 19 words, and 76 letters (19x4).
(5)   The first chronological sura (Sura 96) is placed atop the last 19 suras, and consists of 19 verses, and 304 letters (19x16).
(6)   The missing Basmalah (Sura 9) is compensated for 19 suras later, in 27:30.