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In this article, I present documentation that the truth has peeked through the various historical accounts related to the false verses 9:128-129. I am reproducing here two relevant statements from the classic reference AL-ITQAAN by Al-Suyooty, (AL-Azhareyah Edition, Cairo, 1318 AH, Vol 1). On page 28, we see that the first attempt to add the false verses occurred immediately after the Prophet’s death. This is confirmed on page 59. We read on page 28.

Al Itqaan, page 28

Abdullah Ibn Ahmad narrated the MUSNAD and IBN MARDAWAIH that Ubayy Ibn Ka’ab stated that the Quran was compiled during the reign of Abu Bakr, and when the scribes reached Verse 9:127: “…then they left, with their hearts diverted by God. For they were people who did not comprehend,” the scribes decided that that was the last of the revelation. But Ubayy told them that he had two more verses, 9:128 &129, and that they were the last verses revealed in Medina.

On Page 59, we read that Ali imposed a house arrest upon himself when Abu Bakr was installed. Abu Bakr asked Ali if he objected to his appointment. Ali said replied that “something has been added to the Quran,” and he had pledged “never to dress up

except for the prayers, until the Quran is restored.” Thus, the first attempt to add the false verses occurred immediately after the Prophet’s death. Abu Bakr, Omar, and Ali defeated that attempt, but the perpetrators never gave up; they finally succeeded was appointed a Khalifa, and the need arose to make copies from the

original Quran for dispatch to the new Muslim lands. The details of this blasphemy are reported in Appendix 24 of the new translation, and in past issues of the PERSPECTIVE. Thus, the history of the great blasphemy of adding false verses to the Quran is unveiled, even through the Mohamedans’ own literature..

Al Itqaan, Page 59


by Edip Yuksel

One of the oldest copies of the Quran is found in the Sulaymaniya Library of Istanbul. Written in Kufi style on deer leather, it is reported to be the personal copy of Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb. In my search for the first appearance of the false verses 9:128-129, I wanted to look at this oldest known copy. I found the book under the number “Fatih 18,” and sura 9 was there. However, the last three pages of Sura 9 were conspicuously torn out. I could have easily calculated the words per page if only one page was removed. But the perpetrator obviously removed 3 pages to cover up the fact that the false verses did not exist.


by Ismail Barakat

The Mohamedans adamantly hold on to the false verses 9:128-129 despite overwhelming evidence that they do not belong in the Quran. They claim that discovering the false verses contradicts the divine pledge to preserve the Quran! Thus, they feel that the Quran is the ink and paper that make up a physical book titled “Quran.” Let me then ask them a question: “You recognize two different versions of the Quran -  the Hafs Version and the Warsh Version. And you claim that falsehood cannot enter the ink and paper titled Quran. Which version, Hafs or Warsh, is false? Which is the correct one? How did the false version happen?


To recognize the real believers, we need only reflect upon the Prophet’s history. He preached the Quran secretly for three years. When his message became public, the idol worshipers persecuted Muhammad and his followers - they insulted them, called them stupid fools (2:13), boycotted them, banished them from Mecca for 3 years, stoned the Prophet, chased the believers to Ethiopia, then tried to kill the Prophet; he had to flee to Medina. Such were the real believers. The same is happening today with God’s messenger of the Covenant. The Quran denounces the imitation of one’s parents. Most of those who believe that Muhammad was God’s messenger, because of their parents, are in fact disbelievers.

Through Gabriel; I was commanded to make this announcement:


that I represent the Messiah the Jews have been waiting for, the Christ Christians have been expecting, the Mehdi the Muslims have been praying for…
I am God’s Messenger of the Covenant [Malachi 3:1-8, Quran 3:81].