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Submitters Perspective

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The Quran informs us in 26:207-223 that the devil is not capable of preaching the worship of God ALONE, and the upholding of the word of God ALONE:

It is not the devils who revealed this.
They neither would, nor could.
For they are isolated;
they cannot hear.
Thus, do not worship beside God
any other god,
lest you incur the retribution.
Warn your people, the closest to you.
Humble yourself with the believers.
If they disobey you, then say,
“I disown what you do.”

Trust in the Almighty, the Merciful.
Who sees you when you meditate,
and when you prostrate frequently.
Shall I tell you upon whom
the devils descend?
They descend upon the fabricators,
the wicked liars.    [26:207-222]


A person who claims to be God’s messenger, when he is not, has to be the most evil person (6:21, 93, 144). He has to be a person who does not believe in God, and does not believe that he will ever face God on a Day of Judgment to answer questions about his

false claims. He has to be a messenger of Satan. But the most important criterion is the impossibility of preaching “God ALONE” and “the word of God ALONE” as pointed out above. God Himself has decreed that the devils “Neither would, nor could” advocate the worship of God ALONE, and the forsaking of all idols (26:211).

Of course, a false messenger will not possess any God-given proof of his messengership, nor will he dedicate himself to a cause from which he does not earn a dollar or a dinar. Send for your free copy of the new “Certificate of Proof” that Rashad Khalifa is God’s messenger.

The Names of Suras Divinely Decreed

Parvaneh Parnian

During the 1400 plus years since the revelation of the Quran, human interference to alter the word of God has affected the names of some suras.

Specifically, Sura 9 was known during the Prophet’s time, and for centuries after him as “Sura Bara’ah” (Ultimatum). This name was changed by some Mufassir (Interpreter) to “Al-Tawbah” (Repentance).


Sura 17 had the name “Bani Israel” until relatively recently. It was only in this century that the name was changed for obvious political reasons into “Al-Isra’’’ (The Night Journey). I counted all the suras whose names do not begin with the letter “Alef” (A). Their number turned out to be 19; they are Suras 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 19, 20, 31, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 47, 50, 71, 80, & 106. The names of these 19 suras are

Bara’ah, Younus, Hud, Yousuf, Bani Israel, Maryam, Ta Ha, Luqman, Saba’, Fater, Ya Sin, Saad, Ghafer, Fussilat, Muhammad, Qaf, Noah, ‘Abasa, and Quraish.

   It follows, of course, that the number of suras whose names begin with the letter “Alef” is 95 (19x5). These data conform with the Quran’s 19-based miracle.

What to Say in Salat Divinely Dictated

Parvaneh Parnian

One of the major doctrines in the Quran is that the Quran is complete, perfect, and fully detailed (6:19, 38, 114). Unfortunately, the majority of Muslims do not believe their Creator; they consistently challenge God’s truth by asking: “If the Quran is complete – as claimed in the Quran – where can we find the details of the Contact Prayers?” This question of course reveals the ignorance of those disbelievers. For the Quran informs us that the Contact Prayers – which cannot be described in

writing – were given to Abraham by the angels who visited him, then transmitted to us generation after generation (21:73, 22:78, 16:123).

The last few issues of this Newsletter have presented mathematical and Quranic evidence supporting and confirming every aspect of the Contact Prayers – the numbers of units (Rak‘as), bowing  (Ruku‘), prostrations (Sujood), Tashahhuds, and even the sura to be recited in every unit.

While reading the Quran , I observed that the last verses is Sura 17 teach some aspects of the Contact Prayers (Salat), including prostration (Sujood), what to say in Sujood (17:108), the tone of voice as we pray (17:110), the Takbeers (Allahu Akbar), and exactly what to say or which sura to recite during Salat: Sura 1, “Al-Fatehah” or “Al-Hamd” (17:111).

Thus, in addition to the information sent down by God during the last few months, all aspects of the Salat are confirmed