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12. The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon that is not found in any                       other book: 29 chapters are prefixed with “Quranic Initials”  that remained mysterious for 1400 years.  Now we realize their major role in the Quran’s mathematical code.  The initials occur in their respective chapters in multiples of 19.  For example, Chapter 2 is initialed with A.L.M., and the total occurrence of these letters in this chapter is 9899 (19x521).

13. The numbers mentioned in the Quran, without repetition, add up to a total of 162146  (19x8534). 

14.If we write down the number of each verse in the Quran, one next to the other, preceded by the number of verses in each chapter, the resulting long number consists of 12692 digits (19x668). Additionally, the huge number is also a multiple of 19.  

These 14 physical facts suffice to prove the superhuman nature of the Quran’s mathematical composition.  The complete, simple-to-understand-but-impossible-to-imitate system is extremely vast and extremely intricate.  It leaves no doubt whatsoever that no human being or a collection of human beings could have designed the book in this manner.

One of the Great Miracles


The Quran specifically mentions the number 19 (74:30-35), stating that it will answer those who claim the scripture is human-made.  The purpose of the 19-based miracle is to remove all doubt regarding the authenticity of the Final Testament, increase the faith of the believers, and expose the hypocrites and disbelievers.  The number 19 is God’s signature on all His creations.  For example, the human body contains 209 bones (19x11).  It is now established that a full term human fetus stays in the mother’s womb 266 days (19x14), or 38 weeks.  The sun, the moon, and the earth line up in the same relative position once every 19 years. 

We see then that the Final Testament from God, the Quran, comes to us intact, with the most powerful assurance that God, and not any human being, is its author.  The vastness, intricacy, and superhuman nature of the Quran’s mathematical code leaves no doubt whatsoever that it is God’s message to us.

Why Are We Here?

We learn from God’s Final Testament (38:69) that our life on this earth is a priceless opportunity to redeem ourselves and return to God’s eternal kingdom, where we once were.  We learn that billion of years ago, we committed a horrendous crime that warranted our eternal exile from God’s kingdom: we failed to uphold God’s absolute authority when one of God’s creatures, Satan, challenged that authority.  The creatures who upheld God’s absolute authority, later classified as angels, suggested that all those who sided with Satan be banished form God’s kingdom.  But the Most Merciful decided to gives us another chance.

We were born into this world with a fresh start, where we have no recollection of our original sin.  We are given absolute freedom to choose: (1) God’s point of view, that God ALONE is Lord, or (2) Satan’s point of view, that there can be other lords or idols beside God. 

Those who choose God’s point of view believe that God ALONE possesses power.  They thus denounce their original sin and are redeemed to God’s eternal kingdom.  Those who side with Satan believe that other entities, such as Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, the saints, also possess certain powers.  They are idol-worshipers and consequently they are eternally exiled from God’s kingdom.

God’s Messengers

In His Final Testament, God reveals His plan to redeem us.  The plan calls for sending messengers to preach the message of worshiping God ALONE and warn of the severe retribution for those who fail to heed the message.  All prophets -including Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and Muhammad - and all messengers
(those who do not bring new scripture)  delivered one and the same message. This began with Noah, who faced the ridicule of his people as he tried to enlighten and warn them.  Subsequently Noah was saved while all the disbelievers drowned in the flood.  Many messengers followed.  God promises that every community receives a warner.  Hood warned the community of Aad; Salih warned the community of Thamoud; Lot warned Sodom and Gomorrah. Each messenger delivered God’s message while asking for no wage for himself.  And in each case, the messenger was ignored or taunted or even killed by the people. 
When Muhammad - the last prophet but not the last messenger (33:40) - was sent, only less than 7% of the total human population had come to this world.

Messenger of the Covenant

The Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Final Testament inform its that a consolidating messenger, God’s Messenger of the Covenant, would be sent after all the prophets had come and delivered their messages. The function of God’s Messenger of the Covenant was to purify the scriptures, consolidate the message delivered by all the prophets, and present to the world a unified universal religion: SUBMISSION.

The growth and development of one’s soul, the real person, depends on upholding God’s teachings and commandments.  Unfortunately, today’s Jews and Christians have lost these vitally important teachings, and today’s Muslims have corrupted such teachings beyond recognition.

I am sending My messenger to prepare
the way before me;
the Messenger of the Covenant.
 But who will endure the day of his coming?
And who can stand when he appears?
For he is like refines fire, or like fuller’s lye.
He will sit refining and purifying. [Malachi 3:1-8]

God took a covenant from the prophets:
“I will give you the Scripture and wisdom,
then a messenger will come after you
to confirm your message. 
You shall believe in him and support him…”
[Quran 3:81, 33:7]

God, in His infinite Mercy, chose to send to us the Messenger of the Covenant, whose job it was to consolidate the messages


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