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Feeling Faith

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I want to feel the curiosity of a child marveling upon the creation of the heavens and earth while standing, sitting, or on my side (3:191). Yes, I am eager to remember God when convenience and necessity present me the opportunity. My prayers of contact come and go quickly. Where is this continuous flow of praise before sunrise, at the beginning of my day, throughout the middle of my day, towards the end of my day as I am utterly lost, before sunset, and during the evening (52:49, 20:130)? Where is the presence of faith that feels God before taking any action, making any plan, or moving forward; the same consciousness that can remember God immediately after forgetting and say in forgiveness, “my Lord, guide me to do better next time” (6:121, 43:13, 18:24)? Where is the fascination in my wakeful eyes for the beautiful plants growing from vibrating lands, the pillarless heavens, the colors of fragrant fruit, sweet honey, and the rosy dusk (22:5, 31:10, 35:27, 16:69, 84:16)? Where is my resolve to honor the Most Honorable night and day without ever wavering or tiring (21:19-20)? I need to feel an awareness that is not aware of time or of my laboring but only of more awareness. I need my faith following a clear question; “is it not better to be one of those who meditate in the night, prostrating and staying up, being aware of the Hereafter, and seeking the mercy of their Lord” (39:9)?

Is my heart fully reverent as I contact my King through prayer (23:2)? My soul needs much


more from me than to stand, memorize and recite prayers five times a day for the remaining days of my life. I need to penetrate every word and movement of glorification for each prayer my Grantor has gifted to me. I need to embrace this priceless opportunity knowing its time will arrive only once and will fade forever as my next gift nears. Where is the faith that rescues my mind from the three-minute flood of irreverent preoccupation that prevents my ritual from becoming a real reverence? I need to feel this reverence rousing the numbness that spreads ever so innocently inside me with each distraction. I need the faint vibration of my faith charging to the resounding emotion of the thunder that strikes its roar in praise of God’s glory (13:13). Not only today or tomorrow, but at the precise moment of each contact and during every prostration that is witnessed by God, for the remaining days of my life (70:34, 26:219). And I need this feeling with the blessing I have been given to return through charity what God has multiplied manifold for me. I need my heart to feel fully reverent as I open my arms, giving cheerfully for the sake of God (23:60, 2:177, 2:272).

Am I eager to engage in righteous causes and compete in doing so (23:61, 35:32)? I may perform a noble deed when the occasion presents and may even initiate my own. I must feel an enthusiasm that can advocate and accomplish an ever-increasing effort of righteous works without sensing weariness or weight. I need to feel the same desire that drives a dedicated athlete to train vigorously in preparation for competition;

tition; the athlete who sees suffering as strength towards the greatest triumph of victory (35:32). This striving and steadfast perseverance can exist only when I begin to feel the force of my faith. Do I reserve this effort for occasions of grand undertaking or great turmoil? I must feel the fervor of these qualities to battle the great adversity within that prevents my fight for greater causes. I want to race along the difficult path knowing that my striving will bring me closer to the Source of Righteousness (3:133, 90:11). This path can have no feelings for dignity or exaltation as I seek to exalt the Most Exalted and be humbled before the Most Dignified (28:83, 35:10). Along the way, I need my eyes to covet only the everlasting quality of righteousness and the great blessing my heart has received (20:131). I need the tears of gratitude washing away the grief for all that I have missed and beams of appreciation blinding the pride for all that my Provider showers upon me (57:23).

I want to feel how the mountains tremble and crumble out of reverence for God upon witnessing what the Honest Spirit has delivered (59:21, 26:193). I need to feel my body crumbling in prostration, my ears vibrating with heeding intrigue, my mind seeking refuge in the Best Supporter, and my faith soaking in every word of mercy and guidance that enters my soul (32:15, 7:204, 16:98, 8:2). I need my heart to feel it can soothe any trouble with this glorious and profound source of wisdom that the Lord of the Universe has revealed (50:1, 15:1, 36:2).

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