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Submitters Perspective

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Feeling Faith

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I want to feel the trembling of these mountains; the rumbling of my faith inviting and reminding with wisdom and kind enlightenment, debating in the best possible manner and uttering peace (16:125, 51:55, 25:63), advocating righteousness and tolerance (3:104, 7:199), reconciling and keeping the peace within my family (49:9-10), avoiding vain talk, suspicion and backbiting (23:3, 25:72, 49:12), and resorting to patience, pardon and forgiveness (42:43). I need to feel the strength of these mountains; unwavering to subdue my vulnerable eyes, preserving the unique beauty of a pure body and mind, maintaining modesty, being straightforward and equitable, bearing witness with absolute justice even against my own, and placing all my fear and trust in God (24:30-1, 23:5, 2:189, 6:152). I need to feel the unity of these mountains; caring for my relatives, lowering the wings of humility and kindness in appreciation and honor of my

parents, encouraging my family with steadfast perseverance to observe the contact prayers, forcing myself to be with those who worship the Supreme day and night, giving priority over my own affairs to help without hesitation the strivers seeking refuge, and feeling God’s love for the united (33:6, 31:14, 17:24, 20:132, 61:4, 18:28, 59:9).

I want to feel the impassioned emotion of the heavens that want to shatter and the earth that is eager to tear asunder for the Almighty (42:5, 19:90). I need to feel this passion from my faith pushing me higher and higher towards the Most High. I need to feel the blessing in being among the strivers who are distinguished before the victory, to crave more knowledge that draws me nearer, and to earn the status of complete certainty for my Creator and awareness for the afterlife. (57:10, 4:95 58:11, 49:15, 38:46). I want to emulate my Lord’s love and appreciation for me as I strive towards the Sublime similitude that can never be fathomed (39:67). Yet, I feel the confinement of an incarcerated servant, dependant and directed by this rigid garment my Designe

has perfectly shaped for my soul.

In the brief presence of sensing complete freedom of faith, I feel the glorious flow of being one with the spirit my Initiator has blown into me. This feeling kindles a true sense of power in me. I need to feel this force to continue my steps toward the unseen; steps that have become harder and heavier with time. I want to be moved knowing the approaching time for my final step is closer than the blink of my eye (16:77). I pray for forgiveness to my Forgiver if I forget or make mistakes and I seek protection from my Protector before it becomes to late for me to take another step (2:286).


Amir Kia