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Submitters Perspective

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Are “Muslims” really Muslims?

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What they believe and practice (knowingly or unknowingly), is sometimes significantly different from the clear and precise instructions detailed in the Quran. A few examples below will explain this:

Violation of the First Pillar of Islam

The foundation or first ‘pillar’ of Islam is La Elaaha Ella Allah (No god except God), and all Muslims are required to bear witness to this fact. This is highlighted in Quran verse 3:18, where God also bears witness for Himself that “there is no god except He, and so do the angels and those who possess knowledge.”

But the Muslims do not bear witness about God like this. Instead of their Shahaadah (proclamation of faith) which should be Ash-hadu Al La Elaaha Ellaa Allah (I bear witness that there is no god except God), they proclaim, Ash-hadu Al La Elaaha Ellaa Allah, wa Ash-hadu An Muhammad Rasool Allah (I bear witness that there is no god except God and I bear witness that Muhammad is God’s messenger). Adding names or bearing witness about another entity along with God constitutes ‘Shirk’ (Idolatry), and a direct violation of the first pillar of Islam, nullifying anyone’s claim to be a Muslim at the most elementary phase.

Additionally, proclaiming that Muhammad is God’s messenger and not doing the same for God’s other messengers such as Abraham, David, Moses, John, Jesus etc, directly violates God’s command not to make distinction among His messengers.

Setting up Muhammad as a partner or ‘god’ besides God

God alone created the universe and He alone is the Lord and Master over all things. He has no partner and none equals Him. While the Muslims may claim to worship God alone, the truth

is that they often have difficulty in just mentioning God without mentioning Prophet Muhammad along with Him. Instead of reverencing God, they idolize Prophet Muhammad against his will and give him superhuman status by claiming that he was infallible with power of intercession and mercy, which God never decreed for him or anyone else.

Reverencing anyone else besides God; mentioning other names along with God; or believing that anything or anyone besides God can help you in this life or in the Hereafter, constitutes setting up of partners or ‘gods’ besides God. This is Shirk or Idol Worship by definition, and is an unforgivable offense if maintained till death.

Violation of the other Four Pillars of Islam

Besides the first pillar of Islam, there are four other pillars which comprise the specific practices that must be performed to enable the soul to grow in huge proportions. These are the Salat (Contact Prayers), Zakat (Obligatory Charity), Seyam (Fasting) and Hajj (Pilgrimage). Like with everything else, these practices are also grossly violated by the Muslims.

Salat (Contact Prayers): There are five ‘Contact Prayers’ which must be performed daily at particular times during the day. These prayers are a mathematically coded set of specific sound and body movements that create a mystical harmony in the universe and establish ‘direct’ contact with God. Any deviation from the format prescribed by God nullifies the prayers, which is just what the Muslims world over are doing. For example:

  • They perform some parts of the Salat prayer silently, while God commands the Contact Prayer to be uttered in a moderate tone.
  • The Muslims add some extra prayers/units of their own which break the mathematical connection of the specified five prayer set. The ablution to prepare for prayer has only four simple steps but they do upwards of eight steps. In Islam, the premise that “more is better” does not apply in the case of specified religious practices. What counts is that God’s instructions are carried out exactly as prescribed by Him – which is what submission to God is all about.
  • Some Muslims do not do the Dawn and the other Salat prayers at their scheduled times. They practice an innovation called Kazaa or ‘make up’ prayer which allows them to do the prayers at a later time convenient to them. This completely defeats the purpose of performing a specific practice when God wants you to.
  • Many Muslim women do not observe the Salat Prayer during their period, denying themselves a few days of vital soul growth every month. Menstruation is a natural body function like mucous in the nose, wax in the ear or continuous discard/replenishment of skin and hair. Deeming it to be a spiritual impurity or curse from God is a condemnation of God’s perfect design of the human body. In Islam, God treats men and women as absolute equals and nowhere in the Quran does He prohibit women from worshipping Him during their period.
  • The objective of the Salat Prayer is to remember and commemorate God. By taking the name of Prophet Muhammad or mentioning any other name besides God in the prayer, the prayer is nullified as it is no longer devoted absolutely to God alone.
Zakat (Obligatory Charity): The Zakat charity is an efficient economic system which guarantees regular provisions for the needy and ensures constant circulation of wealth. It is

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