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Are “Muslims” really Muslims?

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Muslims have taken this completely out of context and created a false parallel religion based on what Prophet Muhammad “apparently” said or did. This covers things like what clothes he wore, how he walked, combed his hair, ate his food and what not which, even if  true have nothing to do with the religion. Whatever we need to do—even our personal actions—is already made clear in the Quran. Ironically, when they claim that they must ‘do as the prophet did,’ the Muslims never seem to copy the prophet’s excellent example of devoting his life and worship absolutely to God alone and following nothing but the Quran for his guidance.

“Muslims” need to become True Muslims

At this time, God has put in motion the process of restoring His great religion of Islam to its pristine purity. The list of religious violations committed by those who call themselves "Muslims" is really huge and they must change themselves soon in their own interest. If they do not abandon their falsehood and become true Muslims as defined in the Quran, they will never exit the miserable and disrupted existence most of them are experiencing all over the

world. Additionally, by upholding their blind practices and setting the wrong examples, they will carry the burden of misleading or repelling millions of people from the truth.

Kais R.


"In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful."

To whom this may concern,

G'day, my name is Lee and I'm an Aussie submitter who has just recently made some discoveries about the Quran and the number 19. But first of all I think I'd better tell you guy's a bit about myself...

It all started back about 6 years ago when I was in my bedroom, watching the "box" real late at night. Little did I realise was that on this particular night, my life would change in a very major way.

For a start, it was my 19th birthday- yay for me! "So what?" You must be thinking. Ok I'll continue to explain that my birthday falls on a very well-known date of the year and that this particular date has only become well-known for the last 6 years!

To cut a long story short, I regret to say that I had witnessed live on TV that some planes were somehow hijacked in

America and that 2 of those planes had been flown into 2 individual buildings- yeah you know the story!

Up till that moment and me being a hater of "man-made religion," I would have never given a rat's arse about God and His Bible nonsense. But as those towers fell to the ground one after the other and I heard all those screaming people and I was shocked and in disbelief, I just had to know why... Why would someone do such a horrid thing to another person? Who were these "Muslim" terrorists and what did they believe in to make them kill their fellow-human-beings like that?

Eventually I discovered the Quran, downloaded the digital version from Submission.org and began to read. For the first time, the world finally started to make some sense to me and words cannot describe what has happened to me since. Even now as I'm typing this email, I have only realised how far I've come from where I was at that miserable and at the same time, miraculous moment!...

Allahu Akbar!

Kind regards,

Lee F. / Australia

[Ed.’s note: Brother Lee has “been very busy in the learning and understanding of the number 19 as Allah's miraculous signature.” He describes his research as “unraveling a very minute part of Allah's infinite puzzle.”]