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Traits of the Believers
A summary

The following verses list some traits of the believers mentioned in the Quran:

[23:1]  Successful indeed are the believers;
[23:2]  who are reverent during their Contact Prayers (Salat).
[23:3]  And they avoid vain talk.
[23:4]  And they give their obligatory charity (Zakat).
[23:5]  And they maintain their chastity.
[23:6]  Only with their spouses, or those who are rightfully theirs, do they have sexual relations; they are not to be blamed.

[42:37]  They avoid gross sins and vice, and when angered they forgive.
[42:38]  They respond to their Lord by observing the Contact Prayers (Salat). Their affairs are decided after due consultation among themselves, and from our provisions to them they give (to charity).
[42:39]  When gross injustice befalls them, they stand up for their rights.

[25:72]  They do not bear false witness. When they encounter vain talk, they ignore it.

[25:73]  When reminded of their Lord's revelations, they never react to them as if they were deaf and blind.

[70:32]  And the believers keep their word; they are trustworthy.

[13:20]  They are the ones who fulfill their pledge to GOD , and do not violate the covenant.

[13:21]  They join what GOD has commanded to be joined, reverence their Lord, and fear the dreadful reckoning.
[13:22]  They steadfastly persevere in seeking their Lord, observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), spend from our provisions to them secretly and publicly, and counter evil with good. These have deserved the best abode.

[9:112]  They are the repenters, the worshipers, the praisers, the meditators, the bowing and prostrating, the advocators of righteousness and forbidders of evil, and the keepers of GOD's laws. Give good news to such believers.

[8:2]  The true believers are those whose hearts tremble when GOD is mentioned, and when His revelations are recited to them, their faith is strengthened, and they trust in their Lord.
[8:3]  They observe the Contact Prayers (Salat), and from our provisions to them, they give to charity.
[8:4]  Such are the true believers. They attain high ranks at their Lord, as well as forgiveness and a generous provision.

[13:28]  They are the ones whose hearts rejoice in remembering GOD. Absolutely, by remembering GOD, the hearts rejoice.

[21:49]  The ones who reverence their Lord, even when alone in their privacy, and they worry about the Hour.

[29:59]  They are the ones who steadfastly persevere, and trust in their Lord.

[39:18]  They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom GOD has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.

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