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thorny cactus plants without harm to the mouth.

Most incredible is how the camel deals with heat and lack of water. First of all, camels have a low metabolic rate, so energy is used slowly. The body temperature has a wide range of normal. It may start the day at 94 and hit 105 in the heat of the afternoon.  (Our normal temperature is 98 and at 101, we're sick). The camel is one of few animals that can sweat. The coarse body hair, which acts as a protection against the direct sun, also allows the camel this ability to sweat. Sweating is a more efficient cooling system than panting and less precious fluid is lost. Additionally, in its incredibly efficient way, the camel doesn’t sweat until Its body temperature is near the top of its range.

No other creature can process water in the same way. It does not lose water from blood, only from the tissue. Thus the blood stays properly thin enough to circulate and remove body heat. The camel will only drink when needed and only replace what's lost. If he lost 5 gallons over the last two days, he will drink 5 gallons and walk away. He may not drink at all in winter. And  the camel can quickly replace all water lost —25 gallons in a very short time. Other animals drinking too fast can die from water intoxication.

So camels are truly remarkable animals. When we reflect on their creation, as God instructs us to do, we can’t help but marvel at the ways God made them fit perfectly into their niche. May God help each of us to fit our own niche as well.

Lydia K. (reprinted from Dec 94 SP)

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What Life is All About
Who is God?

Explained by Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

The Great Debate

Dr. Khalifa debates a challenger

The Contact Prayer (Salat)

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