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Submitters Perspective

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Letters of Support

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From Minna, Nigeria

Dear Rashad: God’s Messenger of the Covenant:
I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your booklet on “Principles of Muslim Prayer.” May Allah reward you for sending me the book and all other information useful for my religious practices.

I, have since changed from my previous way of doing the Contact Prayers (Salat) to the correct way I learned from the book. I have also introduced it to my immediate family members and friends.

From New York

Dear Rashad:

I pray Allah this brief communication finds you and the other believers at Masjid Tucson in good health and spirit. We in the New York area are excited in anticipation of the forthcoming authorized original Quran that has been out of print for about 1400 years. We support you and we respect you.

Thank you for endeavoring on behalf of all of us.

From Coimbatore, India

Dear Dr. Rashad Khalifa, the Messenger of God:
Praise be to God. In the last few issues of M.P. we are reading an entirely new dimension of the Miracle of the Quran -- the structural miracle -- and

this is quite apart from the miracle involving the Arabic alphabets. Now, we are wondering what will be the excuse of those who deny the miracle of the Last Testament of God, and what about those who insist that the name of Muhammad (PBUH) consists of 5 Arabic letters (M.P. of Dec 88)!

Will not the tribe of Dr. Ernest Hamilton and ‘Dr’ Assad Basool etc. take note of these miracles? What a horrible punishment would God have reserved for these modern Pharaohs.

This is only a small sample of this month’s mail. Thank God for today’s communications; the message has been delivered to literally millions of people.

What did the disbelievers say?

Despite my challenge to them in the February issue of M.P. to “Give Me One Good Reason,” the disbelievers cannot come up with a single reason as

to why I could not possibly be God’s messenger!!! 

Where are the “Muslim” scholars? Why do they not
supply their followers with one, just one, reason in support of their stand? The fact is: the truth must win, in accordance with God’s law (17:81, 21:18).

Appendix 2

God’s Messenger of the Covenant

A messenger of God must present proof that he is God’s messenger. And we have every right to demand such a proof.

Every messenger of God is supported by divine signs proving that he is authorized by the Almighty to deliver His messages. Moses threw down his staff and it turned into a serpent by God’s leave, Jesus healed the leprous and revived the dead by God’s

leave, Saleh’s sign was the famous camel, Abraham walked out of the fire, and Muhammad’s miracle was the Quran (29:50-51).

The Quran (3:18, 33:7), and the Bible before that (Malachi 3:1-8), have prophesied the advent of a consolidating messenger, God’s Messenger of the Covenant, whose mission is to purify and unify the messages of all

the prophets into one. Henceforth, there is only one religion; Islam (3:19). It is only befitting that a messenger with such a crucial mission must be supported by the most powerful miracle (74:30-35). While the miracles of previous messengers were limited in time and place, God’s miracle supporting His Messenger of the Covenant is perpetual, verifiable, and utterly incontrovertible.

What is shown above is the abstract of Appendix 2 from the new translation. The Appendix lists Quranic mathematical evidence that Rashad Khalifa is God’s Messenger of the Covenant. If you want an advance copy of this very important Appendix, we will be glad to send it to you for the cost of copying and mailing ($3.00) [$5.00 outside the USA].