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Submitters Perspective

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Deceiving Themselves:

HYPOCRITES PROCLAIM:"We Do Not Need A Messenger"

By definition, the hypocrites say with their lips that they are believers. However, their actions reflect their disbelief. To utter what is not in one's heart is a most despised matter in the sight of God (61:3). One of their most common utterances is: "We do not need a messenger. We can worship God alone, and follow the Quran alone, without any need for a messenger from God." They thus rebel against God's system. Sending messengers is God's system for a good number of reasons.

God sends His messengers to rescue those who believe and work righteousness, as we see in 65:11: "a messenger who recites God's revelations, in order to lead those who believe and lead a righteous life from the darkness to the light." Note that this verse talks about "those who believe and lead a righteous life." They are in darkness, until God's messenger

comes and "leads them out of darkness." Note also the word "recites." The book itself, the Quran, cannot "recite" God's revelations. While the messenger is alive, the book comes to life and leads the believers out of darkness.                       

The Quran, without the Messenger, Misleads the Wicked

    See 2:26, 14:27, 17:41, 17:82. In 3:7, we see that "those well founded in knowledge are needed to explain certain aspects of the Quran. The messenger who receives new information and revelations from God is certainly "well founded in knowledge:" Otherwise, why didn't God just send a physical book down from the sky, without any messengers? Obviously, those who say that they do not need God's messenger; that they can make it to Heaven on their own, blaspheme against God. For they defy God's system.

God's system is very clearly stated in 18:17: "Whomever God wills to send astray, you will not find for him a guiding teacher." What makes this system particularly relevant to our generation is that the root word for the "guiding teacher" is "Rashada."

God is telling us that His system calls for guiding the believers through a "guiding teacher." So what do the hypocrites say? They rebel against God's system, and reject God's appointed teacher. "We can make it on our own," they think.

Once again, here is God's system as stated in 18:17:

Whomever God wills to send astray, you will not find for him a guiding teacher.

Only the believers can enjoy and uphold God's system (see 9:24).

Divine Proclamation Through Gabriel:

 Like the time of Noah: Only those who stand with God's messenger will be saved.

If you look at Sura 7, Verse 64 says: "They rejected him (Noah). Consequently, we saved him and those who stood by him in the ark, and we drowned those who rejected our revelations, for they were blinded people." Verse 72 says: "We then saved him (Hood) and those who stood by him, by mercy from us. And we annihilated those who rejected our revelations, and refused to believe." Verses 78-79 say: "Consequently, the quake annihilated them, leaving them dead in their homes. He (Saaleh) turned away from them, saying, 'O my people, I have delivered

my Lord's message to you, and advised you, but you do not like those who advise you.' " Verse 83 says, "Consequently, we saved him (Lot) and his people, except his wife; she was with the doomed." Verses 91-92 say, "The quake annihilated them, leaving them dead in their homes. Those who rejected Shu'aib vanished, as if they never existed. Those who rejected Shu'aib were the losers." Verse 101 says, "We narrate to you the history of the doomed communities: their messengers went to them with

clear proofs, but they were not to believe in what they had already rejected.  God thus seals the hearts of the disbelievers."

We see the same lessons in 26:105-190. The angel Gabriel has conveyed to me God's plan: those who refuse to stand by His Messenger of the Covenant will be utterly destroyed. I was told specifically that it will be like the time of Noah. Only those who stand by God's messenger will be saved. Allahu Akbar.